Floating work platforms

We consult, design, manufacture and install educational trails, border trails, floating work platforms and temporary bridges in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland and Germany

Educational trails

In places where standard solutions are not suitable and special solutions are necessary (swamps, flooded meadows, peaty or sandy areas) we offer long-lasting and reliable trails, jetties and docks.

The establishment of a long-lasting educational hiking trail is relevant for all municipalities that want to attract visitors to their places of interest, which are difficult to reach in natural conditions. We can help with the preparation of these projects, as well as with realisation of them.

Border trails and mobile floating work platforms

We have installed more than 10 km of special purpose trails and jetties. Most often, technical trails are used in cases where particularly high technical characteristics of the product are necessary – load, buoyancy, resistance to constant moisture and possible mechanical damage.

Most of the time, technical trails and jetties are installed for chemical, oil, agricultural and water treatment companies, in port and border sections. Plastic pontoons that are especially resistant to environmental and mechanical effects are used in the production of technical trails. Metal parts, after welding, are coated with an environmentally resistant material, thus ensuring their durability.

Temporary bridges

We consult, design, install and rent solutions for construction companies that need temporary solutions for bridge repairs or convenient water access to a facility. We prepare proposals that comply with the regulations. We can offer both modular and sectional solutions. We deliver, install and if necessary dismantle.